It’s so much fun watching someone like Cory Doctorow completely dissassemble the Google Toolbar nonsense. In a post on Saturday, he outlined the reasons why services that let users decide how to display content are the very reason for the innovation that’s driven the web since the day it appeared; yesterday, he followed that up with a glimpse of other projects out there that provide similar services for users using Google’s own data. And then this morning brought the latest salvo, a two-fer that included a good real-world analogy and a smackdown to a pathetic attempt to raise Cory’s ire.

Every time that the total hacks of the weblog world start to annoy me by simultaneously attempting to rule the terms of debate and ignoring the incredibly nuanced debate that’s occurring all around them (including in their very own comment threads!), it’s refresing to see that people like Cory step into the breach and provide a voice of reason.