After playing with Scuttle a little bit and liking what I saw, I lost a bit of my sanity and joined the development project at SourceForge. It’s been a blast, mostly because it’s my first time on a SourceForge project, and I’m pretty impressed with the services that they offer. (It’s also been annoying, in that within a few hours of being added to the team, I made a complete rookie move and checked a private password into the public code repository. Dumbass.)

Like any new project, I spent a little time learning the layout of the code and database, making little optimizations here and there. And immediately thereafter, in another example of my progressive loss of sanity, I decided to add complete support for the API to Scuttle. However, it wasn’t that hard — in fact, the API is so simple and elegant that it took all of about three hours to implement the entire thing. And now, I can use any of the tools that exist to interface with to play with Scuttle, and that’s just cool.